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Aish Mercon – Kedaung

Lokasi dan Kontak

HaTamid St 6, Jerusalem



Rp5.000 – Rp27.000

Jam Buka
Rabu 9AM–6PM
Kamis 9AM–6PM
Jumat 9AM–2PM
Sabtu Closed
Minggu 9AM–6PM
Senin 9AM–6PM
Selasa 9AM–6PM



It was a wonderful experience to attend vacation class and spend the 2018 Yon Kippur with Aish Ha Torah rabbis.
A great HaShem gift for my life.

Good place to go.

Great place….beyond description

Yeshiva For profit, cult like ambiance.

Probably best view on western wall

Seth, thank you very much for being such a great host. My wife and I had an amazing time at Aish, we spent a few hours at the roof top and attended one of the classes. Thank you for being so generous and showing us around!

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Bakso Mercon 13.500
Ceker + Bakso Mercon 23.500
Ceker + Otak Otak 23.500
Bakso + Otak Otak 23.000
Otak Otak Mercon 10.500
Otak Otak Mercon 10.500
Nasi Putih 5.000
Teh Sosro Kotak 5.000
Udang Mercon 17.000