Menu & Review Bakso & Mie Ayam Agung – Tlajung Udik – Bogor 4 (Puncak Area)

Bakso & Mie Ayam Agung – Tlajung Udik

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jalan Masjid Darul Fallah No.2 13 3, RT.13/RW.3, Petukangan Utara, Kec. Pesanggrahan, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12260, Indonesia



Rp2.000 – Rp24.000

Jam Buka
Sabtu 7AM–8:45PM
Minggu 7AM–8:45PM
Senin 7AM–8:45PM
Selasa 7AM–8:45PM
Rabu 7AM–8:45PM
Kamis 7AM–8:45PM
Jumat 7AM–8:45PM

Jam Sibuk 19:00, 20:00, 18:00


Moved right across the street simply great for noodle business. Take Pondok mas agung for instance, from small stall to a bigger one and spacey parking lot across the old ones. With champion winning noodles and tasty meatballs this one tastiest “Mie Ayam” around the block. With few additional drinks like Thai Tea and Cheese Tea. A Simply Must Try Noodles!!

I ate chicken rice noodles (Bihun Ayam) and it tested good, the food portion enough to make my tummy happy. It offers variates menus, not only chicken noodles. So if you are bored with common chicken noodles you can try the same menu as mine. It won’t hurt to try.

Favorite saya since 2004

Delicious noodle restaurant

Delicious Noodles

Kuahnya enak, …

Daftar Menu



bakso judes (keju pedes) 24.000
Bakso Mercon 20.000
Bakso Keju 19.000
Bakso Judes 24.000
Bakso Mozza 22.000
Bakso Mozza 22.000
Bakso Modies 26.000
Bakso Isi Dagin 16.000
Bakso Urat 16.000