Menu & Review Dunkin’ Donuts – Spbu Cibubur – Depok 2

Dunkin’ Donuts – Spbu Cibubur

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jl. Buperta No.1, Harjamukti, Kec. Cimanggis, Kota Depok, Jawa Barat 16454, Indonesia



Rp9.000 – Rp81.000

Jam Buka
Rabu 6AM–10PM
Kamis 6AM–10PM
Jumat 6AM–10PM
Sabtu 6AM–10PM
Minggu 6AM–10PM
Senin 6AM–10PM
Selasa 6AM–10PM



Ordinary doughnuts but this place is very strategic. Many kinds of doughnuts and beverages and also drink. From taste is nice but still fair. There are parking lot here for cars. But sometimes in several hours is getting crowded to get here

Right on the left side of Cibubur Exit of Jagorawi Toll road, the Dunkin Donut restaurant seem to be an integral part of a SPBU (gasoline station). A perfect rest place after such a tension high speed driving from Jakarta. Just come by and have a cup of coffee or tea and don’t miss a fluffy blueberry filled donut that goes very well with it. Or, have a fresh air and walk around exploring the outside surroundings and you’ll be surprised to find a clear water lagoon behind the building.

Nice place to hangout while drinking ice cappucino

Not so bad , I didn’t like.the place thought

When you need donuts, this is the place to go! Dunkin’ donuts is always a happy food!

The location of the Dunkin Donuts is easily reached, it’s good for relaxing a while

Daftar Menu



Donut Classics (Beli 5 Gratis 1) 45.000
Donut Classics (Beli 9 Gratis 3) 81.000
Donut Classics 9.000
Donut Fancy (Keju) 13.500
Cafe Latte Hazelnut 30.000
Cafe Latte Hazelnut 30.000
Cafe Latte Vanila 30.000
Cafe Latte Caramel 30.000
Coollata Blueberry 33.000