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Durian99 – Warakas

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46 Owen Rd, #01-277, Singapore 210046

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The service is great and they have good knowledge of the durians. Wonderful experience!

This has got to be the most honest durian shop I’ve been to. Quality of product is top notch all the time every time. They will open the durian in front of you and if it’s not up to their standards they will discard it rather than sell it. They will also replace segments of the durian with their own stock if that segment is not up to scratch.

More impressively I’ve seen them inform clueless customers that a particular type of durian is out of stock rather than passing off a less premium type as the requested type of fruit. This switching is something that can be observed at some durian stores when they are faced with customer who don’t know the difference particularly foreign customers.

Highly recommended.

Durian mousse quite special taste. At times long queue. Do go at wee hr.

Love their durain swiss rolls, its so good!

Tried their durian mousse here. It was very good! Best I had so far… Durian taste was strong though abit sweet. They also give a lump of pure durian flesh which tasted the bitter kind so it went well with the mousse.

The staff are friendly and service orientated. The durians are of good quality too although we dint eat alot of durians.

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Sop Durian Original 25.080
Sop Duren Ketan Hitam 27.005
Shake Durian 16.500
Durian Cup 13.750
Daging Durian Super 160.380
Daging Durian Super 160.380
Durian Medan 110.000
Durian Montong 110.000
Pancake Durian Mini 70.400