Menu & Review Easy Burger And Bowl – Cipete Selatan

Easy Burger And Bowl – Cipete Selatan

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jl. Pangeran Antasari Jl. H. Nawi Raya No.11 A, Cipete Sel., Kec. Cilandak, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12150, Indonesia



Rp6.000 – Rp108.000

Jam Buka
Rabu 10:30AM–9PM
Kamis 10:30AM–9PM
Jumat 10:30AM–11PM
Sabtu 10:30AM–11PM
Minggu 10:30AM–9PM
Senin 10:30AM–9PM
Selasa 10:30AM–9PM

Jam Sibuk 20:00, 19:00, 18:00


I can tell this place really served best gourmet Burger. Juicy, tasty & smoky patty, soft bun action, and generous amount of portion serving. They really mean it..!!

So I get a recommendation from a friend to try this new burger joint, guess I have to write in this review that I am not dissapointed, they got it right with their “day one”! the bun and patty is so juicy, really nice combination with caramelized onion, I have to add egg and bacon to make it more perfect. Superb!

I was buying a burget at Burger Bowl and it was unfortunate that I just found out that this bugershop couldn’t manage their cleanliness.

A walking cockroach from kitchen to the lounge is a damn “dead card” for culinary industries !!. When I killed the cockroach the burger guys didn’t clean it up right away.

If they can’t control their cleainess and don’t have a proper pest control, it means they are dangering our health as their consumer. Eventhough they make pretty nice burger, but if they compromise thier health & cleanliness factor, well you’ve got what you pay for.

Our favourite burger in Jakarta Selatan. Absolute pleasant and delicious for internal meeting/ lunch break at our office.

delicious burgers. especially “joy of living”. good ambience, friendly staff. will come back for sure.

Awesome burgers! Especially the one with minced beef??

Daftar Menu



Burgers Day One Focaccia Bun 48.000
Burgers Day One Briouche Bun 52.000
Burgers Joy Of Living Focaccia Bun 73.000
Burgers Joy Of Living Briouche Bun 77.000
Burgers Live Your Life Focaccia Bun 79.000
Burgers Live Your Life Focaccia Bun 79.000
Burgers Live Your Life Briouche Bun 83.000
Burgers Die With A Smile Focaccia Bun 104.000
Burgers Die With A Smile Briouche Bun 108.000