Menu & Review Es Kuwut Khas Bali Pak Agus – Bendungan Hilir

Es Kuwut Khas Bali Pak Agus – Bendungan Hilir

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Bali, Indonesia



Rp5.000 – Rp7.000

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Make sure you get full travellers insurance.

I will visit Bali next two months…

Bali is more than place for travelling, but Bali is home, home for all around people in the world

My home island…island of thousands gods

Its my dream to visit here with my future IAS wife for honeymoon ………..

Hi, Bali Island

This is a good break away. To rest and just calm down after a year 2019 ‘s hard work.

Good 5 stars for Bali Island

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Es Kuwut 5.000
Es Jeruk Peras 5.000
Es Jeruk Lemon 7.000
Es Jeruk Nipis 7.000
Es Timun 5.000
Es Timun 5.000