Menu & Review Jack & John – Kamal Muara

Jack & John – Kamal Muara

Lokasi dan Kontak

ruko Crown Golf, Jl. Marina Raya No.10, Kamal Muara, Kec. Penjaringan, jakarta, Jawa Barat 14470, Indonesia

Daging Babi


Rp7.000 – Rp275.000

Jam Buka



Very yummy!! All 6 variations on the menu look very interesting. You want spicy & salty, they have it. Sweet & soupy, they also serve it. Beware: All contain porks!!

Food was pretty good and tasty, a bit fatty and oily but to be expected for a pork establishment. I enjoyed the food even if a little expensive.

The problem comes with:
1. Lack of care for the environment: they serve all in throwable paper & plastic containers and plastic spoons… we want to Reduce waste and not make waste everytime we eat??? Can’t afford regular plates and spoons that’s washable and reusable??? Total disregard for the environment, good job.
2. Zero attention to safety. The toilet was not working and the floor near the sink for washing hand has a giant hole where people can just walk and fall in. Wow… children goes in this establishment, I hope the owner is ready for some hazard lawsuit waiting to happen.

Cozy place to eat crispy fried pork belly

Nice & cozy place (y)

Their crispy pork is nice, but the place is bad.

Great crispy pork here

Daftar Menu



Babi Kriuk Salted Egg 60.000
Babi Kriuk 60.000
Babi Kriuk Balinese 60.000
Babi Kriuk Sambel Matah 60.000
Babi Kecap 60.000
Babi Kecap 60.000
Chili Pork 60.000
Egg 7.000
Bacon 7.000