Menu & Review Kepiting Gubrak – Lambangjaya – Bekasi 3

Kepiting Gubrak – Lambangjaya

Lokasi dan Kontak

grand wisata, Unnamed Road, Lambangjaya, Tambun Selatan, Bekasi, West Java 17510, Indonesia

Hidangan Laut


Rp3.000 – Rp250.000

Jam Buka
Senin 12–10PM
Selasa 12–10PM
Rabu 12–10PM
Kamis 12–10PM
Jumat 12–10PM
Sabtu 12–10PM
Minggu 12–10PM

Jam Sibuk 20:00, 19:00, 17:00


New experiences with all table fully with grabs, clams and squids… delicious

Great eating experience. Comfortable place and affordable price.
The portion of seafood was good
Really love their squid.

The food portion was very small. The price was not worthy.

cheap and nice place to hangout, the food is a little bit spicy

Great room spacious but the waiter have tot train his smile…

It located at Grand Wisata Boulevard,

It has Cut The Crab’s dine experience.

Unfortunately they cracked open the Crab’s body in the sauce, then the meat spoiled too much into the sauce. So it had less Crab’s meat than I expected.

No French fries,
No Air conditioning,
No Nursing room,
I didn’t see child seat,
So much flies, no bugs trap.

Tip :
Don’t forget to ask the candle to control the flies,
If you still hungry, you can go to the Soto mie Bogor at the side of the restaurant.

Price $$/5

Taste ***
Location ****
Ambiance ***

Daftar Menu



Kepiting Single 115.000
Kepiting + Kerang 120.000
Kepiting + Udang 120.000
Kepiting + Cumi 120.000
Kepiting + Kerang+Udang 145.000
Kepiting + Kerang+Udang 145.000
Kepiting + Kerang+ Cumi 145.000
Kepiting + Udang+ Cumi 150.000
Kepiting + Kerang+Udang+Cumi 155.000