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Mie Aceh Nasi Goreng Aceh Dago Eat – Villa Dago

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jl. Cendrawasih Raya No.14, Sawah Lama, Kec. Ciputat, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15413, Indonesia


Rp1.000 – Rp30.000

Jam Buka
Kamis 3–11PM
Jumat 3–11PM
Sabtu 3–11PM
Minggu 3–11PM
Senin Closed
Selasa 3–11PM
Rabu 3–11PM



Nice taste as always

You will like the taste

Nice Noodle ?? nyummi ????

My friend ask me to eat “best mie aceh”, his version, we ordered Mie Goreng Daging and Nasi Goreng Seafood..

Their noodle is gewwwdddddddd, spicy, tasty, and fresh because of tomatoes..

Dont know why, everytime i go to Mie Aceh, i dont really like their Nasi Goreng, taste so-so, then i came to this place, would it be good?

WOW!! I think they just using magic to make it! ahahaha lebay!! (too way much), but i think its superb!! tasty and gewwd, their seafood also fresh.
and CHEAP!! Coz this Nasi Goreng, i gave them 5stars, yeay!!

The chef not washed his hand after smoking.


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Mie Goreng Polos 15.000
Mie Goreng Telor 17.000
Mie Goreng Udang 20.000
Mie Goreng Cumi 20.000
Mie Goreng Daging 20.000
Mie Goreng Daging 20.000
Mie Goreng Telor + Udang 20.000
Mie Goreng Telor + Cumi 22.000
Mie Goreng Telor + Daging 22.000