Menu & Review Nasi Pecel Madiun – Cibatu – Bekasi 4 (Cikarang)

Nasi Pecel Madiun – Cibatu

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jln. Sriwijaya Ruko Piccadilly Square Blok A no, 8, Cibatu, Cikarang Sel., Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17530, Indonesia

Aneka Nasi


Rp4.000 – Rp61.000

Jam Buka
Sabtu 8AM–12AM
Minggu Closed
Senin 8AM–3:30PM
Selasa 8AM–3:30PM
Rabu 8AM–3:30PM
Kamis 8AM–3:30PM
Jumat 8AM–3:30PM

Jam Sibuk 11:00, 10:00, 11:00


When I got there, the restaurant is crowded and the service is not good, beverage is not served until the end and the taste of their nasi jotos is only sweet.. different with the last time i got there, their nasi jotos is spicy and delicious..

The restaurant is clean, friendly owner and staff. Fast service, good food and cheap. It’s worth the price!

Nice clean not expensive

Very tasty. You will not regret it..

Delicious and no holiday during lebaran

Nice specific pecel food to be try

Daftar Menu



Pecel Sayur 20.000
Nasi Pecel 20.000
Lontong Pecel 20.000
Urap Sayur 20.000
Nasi Urap 20.000
Nasi Urap 20.000
Lontong Urap 20.000
Telor Ceplok ‘Mata Sapi’ 7.000
Telor Dadar Biasa ‘Tidak Pedas’ 7.000