Menu & Review VOC ‘Vietnamese Old Cafe’ – Tanah Sereal – Bogor I

VOC ‘Vietnamese Old Cafe’ – Tanah Sereal

Lokasi dan Kontak

teras yasmin, Jl. KH. R. Abdullah Bin Nuh No.33-35, Curugmekar, Kec. Tanah Sereal, Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16162, Indonesia



Rp6.000 – Rp50.000

Jam Buka



The coffe is good and the food is standard, but the place is so comfy also cool inside. you can pay by debit & OVO (10% Cashback) here

Such a cozy and quite place. For those who want to chillin, hang out or doing some work, this place is recommended. They served many kind of coffee and worth to try! The price is pretty affordable too.

Cozy place.
Nice place for hang out; alone or group.
Great black coffee.

Nice place, nice coffee. But there’s only one waiter so the service is rather slow

Good place for hangout.. They have a good coffee and vietnamese pho.

Underrated coffee join

Daftar Menu



Lumpia Goreng Vietnam 30.000
Bola Udang Ayam 20.000
Kentang Goreng 20.000
Sayap Ayam Panggang 30.000
Kwetiaw Sapi Vietnam 35.000
Kwetiaw Sapi Vietnam 35.000
Kwetiaw Sapi Pedas 40.000
Kwetiaw Sapi Spesial Voc 50.000
Kwetiaw Ayam Vietnam 30.000