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Aq Nasi Goreng Gongso – Limo

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jl. Tanjung Duren Barat 5 No.2, RT.1/RW.6, Tj. Duren Utara, Kec. Grogol petamburan, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11470, Indonesia Located in: Lekker Dan Kopi By Lekker Story

Nasi Goreng


Rp5.000 – Rp25.000

Jam Buka



It might not be the best and the most authentic Semarang-style nasi goreng, but this street food is definitely upscaled by its setup and location. You can dine inside the air-conditioned Kopi Lekker that plays almost non-stop Sheila on 7 playlist. Their nasi goreng might be a little too sweet for some and not as cheap as others. But again, the comfort and the satisfying portion balance what is lacking. Pro tips: ask extra crackers on a separate plate, free of charge. You’re welcome ??

The place is located right in front of Lekker Story (cafe). I think the owner is the same. Ordered Nasi Goreng Gongso Special and it was good but will be better if it is more seasoned. I had the lekker as well, they are not bad and not really expensive considering the place quite premium.

Not original taste of gongso semarang.. its very different with gongso in semarang. In semarang gongso have a lot of vagetable..

Tasty fried rice with reasonable price. Can be quite crowded during dinner time.

The nasgor gongso is not so special but worth to try since I believe no better nasgor sellers are available in the vicinity.

Such a good fried rice. Worth to try

Daftar Menu



Tahu Aci 16.000
Pempek Dos Kapal Selam Besar 18.000
Pempek Dos 20.000
Seblak Judes 18.000
Tahu Gejrot 12.000
Tahu Gejrot 12.000
cireng bumbu rujak 16.000
Mendoan 16.000
tahu walik 16.000