Menu & Review A&W – Muara Karang

A&W – Muara Karang

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jl. Muara Karang Raya Blok Z-1B No. 21 – 22, RW.3, Pluit, Kec. Penjaringan, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14450, Indonesia

Cepat Saji


Rp2.000 – Rp172.000

Jam Buka
Kamis Open 24 hours
Jumat Open 24 hours
Sabtu Open 24 hours
Minggu Open 24 hours
Senin Open 24 hours
Selasa Open 24 hours
Rabu Open 24 hours

Jam Sibuk 21:00, 22:00, 20:00


Kind of ragged and unclean (?). The roof has some hole on it. Not all lamps are on , so its kinda dark (though its good to conserve energy when not much customer come)

I don’t know when they fry the chicken, but when I came Saturday morning (about 4.30 AM), I order a set , containing 4 chicken, 2 rice, 2 root beer, and some friedlings (chicken nugget I guess…I don’t ask) for 126k IDR. The fried chicken is very hard and not salty enough (everyone preference is difference), its likely because not much customer came so it’s some late stock.
The air conditioner is not that cool (though it’s good in some way when my friend catch a cold back then)
and I recommend to serve some variety hot drinks too….Indonesia people like that

its one of the legendary aw. this buildings been here like maybe 30 ish years. the rest is usual like the rest of the aw

Great waiter and management. People can go to this place for a long discussion because this restaurant is open 24 hours. The minus one is the toilet. It never been fixed since my last visit at two months ago.

Not sure if I just went at a bad time, but the food I had here was definitely starting to go off… The place itself also isn’t very well kept, with clear water damage around the walls and ceiling. It’s not the worse condition I’ve seen a fast food place in but I was definitely uncomfortable

Open 24 hour but the cashier was really slow. She didn’t know which button to press for many menus. And she took a wrong order for the drink. The food is overpriced but tasted okay. Suitable for emergency when other restaurants are still closed.

Good burger, but more expensive than others.

Daftar Menu



Promo Cheese Burger ManTul 45.455
Promo Paket ManTul 3 81.818
Promo Paket ManTul 4 81.818
Promo Paket ManTul 1 43.636
Promo Paket ManTul 2 43.636
Promo Paket ManTul 2 43.636
Waffle Regular – Ice Cream OREO 34.545
Sundae – OREO 13.636
Mountain Sundae – OREO 20.909