Menu & Review Bakso Jumbo Surabaya Dan Bebek Ayam Goreng Surabaya – Cisalak – Depok 2

Bakso Jumbo Surabaya Dan Bebek Ayam Goreng Surabaya – Cisalak

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jl. Pecindilan, Kapasari, Kec. Genteng, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60273, Indonesia

Asli Indonesia


Rp11.000 – Rp24.000

Jam Buka
Sabtu 5–9PM
Minggu 5–9PM
Senin 5–9PM
Selasa 5–9PM
Rabu 5–9PM
Kamis 5–9PM
Jumat 5–9PM

Jam Sibuk 18:00, 19:00, 17:00


Great food
Wide range of price

Variant prices for the size of the duck.
Big enough for the 21.000 sized duck, but the taste was just on the average range
Very spicy chili sauce

The taste is sooo gooood.. I really love it. But the place is quite small but i found no problem about that

food and taste is good but not very….
place side on traffic area…
very crowded for several time…

Delicious but their place isn’t clean. Location on the corner of the street. If raining season you can imagine how’s the location will be. I prefer take away. Still enjoy the taste but in the clean place like you want to eat it. Recomend only for take away.

Taste : 5
The Duck itself is seasoned very well, so when it was deep fried, the taste of duck meat it self is very tasteful. And the sambal is very spicy and fresh, it will be so delicious if we put the sambal in the slice of duck meat and fed with warm rice.

Price : 5
The price is quite cheap for this very delicious food.

Venue : 4
This is a temporary food stall which lies in the roadside, so sometimes difficult to park the car. But the location is easy to access

Daftar Menu



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