Menu & Review Kopinian Cafe – Kalimalang

Kopinian Cafe – Kalimalang

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jl. Raden Inten II No.85 B, RW.7, Duren Sawit, Kec. Duren Sawit, Kota Jakarta Timur, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 13450, Indonesia


Rp6.000 – Rp48.000

Jam Buka
Selasa 8AM–12AM
Rabu 8AM–12AM
Kamis 8AM–12AM
Jumat 8AM–12AM
Sabtu 8AM–12AM
Minggu 8AM–12AM
Senin 8AM–12AM

Jam Sibuk 20:00, 19:00, 20:00


Having a short time break, along with friends. Take a seat on rooftop, came on 11pm. This place is right next to big road, so outdoor seating is noisy. Inside the menu, beverages there are coffee & tea. Not much sell food, only light snacks such as french fries, bread, etc.

Good coffee, you get more on the V60 than the price. However the place is not too convinient. Place inside is small, and outdoor sitting is too noisy but still bearable.

This is a good and cheap place to drink a coffe with fren…, try this and you’ll want more

Nice place and music at friday, saturday dan sunday

They have live music on weekends. Only 2 pieces of instrument but it was a nice-nice homeband! I was there last satnight and the band played kind of my songs. Coldplay, Oasis, Radiohead. Loved it!

But sadly they only have few food variety. But they have good coffee, and at low prices too!

Taste and smell so different with others coffee

Daftar Menu



Kopi Senja 33.000
Kopi Nian 35.000
Tubruk Semi 22.500
Tubruk Honey 25.000
Tubruk Natural 27.500
Tubruk Natural 27.500
V60 Semi 32.000
V60 Honey 34.500
V60 Natural 38.000