Menu & Review Kwetiau Sapi Akhiang – Sunter Indah

Kwetiau Sapi Akhiang – Sunter Indah

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jl. Gajah Mada No.202-203, RW.4, Glodok, Kec. Taman Sari, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11120, Indonesia



Rp33.000 – Rp42.000

Jam Buka
Selasa 5PM–2AM
Rabu 5PM–2AM
Kamis 5PM–2AM
Jumat 5PM–2AM
Sabtu 5PM–3AM
Minggu 5PM–2AM
Senin 5PM–2AM

Jam Sibuk 20:00, 21:00, 22:00


One of the best place to enjoy kwetiau in Jakarta. Extremely recommended especially their signature menu Kwetiau Bun and Kwetiau Siram

love the taste, traditional chinese dish in the heart of china town west jakarta

The taste is quite good, kwetiau bun is my favorite. Already become regular customer

Good quality ingredients but not very expressive with spices and seasonings. Taste just “plain” but left “heavy” aftertaste.
I expected sort of bolder taste that would make my tongue dances… unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Open till nite 02 am and still good taste and price not to expensive

Simply the best kwetiau sapi in Jakarta. 1st choice when youre hungry at 1 am in the morning. Enough said.

Daftar Menu



Kwetiauw Goreng Sapi 33.000
Kwetiauw Goreng Seafood 33.000
Kwetiauw Siram Sapi 33.000
Kwetiauw Siram Seafood 33.000
Kwetiauw Bun Sapi 33.000
Kwetiauw Bun Sapi 33.000
Kwetiauw Bun Seafood 33.000
Kwetiauw Yam Sapi 33.000
Kwetiauw Yam Seafood 33.000