Menu & Review Martabak Terang Bulan 2 – Banjar Sari – Bogor I

Martabak Terang Bulan 2 – Banjar Sari

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jl. Bandengan Utara No.1, RT.2/RW.16, Pejagalan, Kec. Penjaringan, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14450, Indonesia



Rp15.000 – Rp35.000

Jam Buka



Alright, there are a lot of Martabak around here. But this one has special unique place in my heart.

1. It’s cheap (really cheap)
2. The portion is enough for solo
3. It isn’t too sweet (some martabaks are too sweet, I hate it)
4. It’s super crowded, but serve super fast too.

Its stall located beside the street. You can find it easily because the stall is big.

You can park here using your bike or cars. You can eat at nearby foodcourt.

It only opens at night until midnight.
It closes after the ingredients are out. So sometimes it will close before midnight.

One of good taste martabak with reasonable price

Trying to search a delicious and cheap midnight snack? Try this one you will love it

Martabak makanan manis .. Makanan cemilan pada umumnya …

Jual martabak telor dengan telor ayam, telor bebek dengan daging ayam…dan jual bermacam martabak manis dengan berbagai rasa

harga murah rasa oke porsi oke , bisa jadi salah satu martabak favorit. ada promo cashback pula kalau pake ovo/gopay

Daftar Menu



Biasa ( 2 Telor ) 15.000
Spesial ( 3 Telor ) 20.000
Istimewa ( 4 Telor) 25.000
Biasa ( 2 Telor ) 25.000
Spesial ( 3 Telor ) 30.000
Spesial ( 3 Telor ) 30.000
Istimewa ( 4 Telor) 35.000
Coklat Ketan Susu 15.000
Coklat Susu 15.000