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Minang Resto – Wisma Mulia City Plaza

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jl. H Agus Salim No. 29 A, Kebon Sirih, Menteng, RT.1/RW.1, Kb. Sirih, Kec. Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10340, Indonesia

Asli Indonesia


Rp19.000 – Rp60.000

Jam Buka
Jumat 9AM–10PM
Sabtu 9AM–10PM
Minggu 9AM–10PM
Senin 9AM–10PM
Selasa 9AM–10PM
Rabu 9AM–10PM
Kamis 9AM–10PM

Jam Sibuk 12:00, 13:00, 14:00


A legendary Padang restaurant from back in the days when the others are not well known. They managed to keep the food quality high. Food was fresh and delicious.

One of the authentic restaurant where the original owner is from Taeh, one of nagari in Kabupaten 50 Kota.

Food and beverages: 4/5.

We try dendeng, gulai ayam, telor balado, and teh talua. The dendeng is missing the coconut oil taste (if you know what I mean) but its portion is huge, the price is 24k.
My wife tried the gulai ayam, she said its a little but salty but its good.
The telor balado still good but not that spicy.
The egg tea (Teh talua) is still like I am imagining.

Services: 5/5

Toilet: 4/5

There is a smoking area at the right, below musola.

An old Minang restaurant, located in down town Jakarta, at famous Jalan Sabang. Minang costume weared by all waiters.

Visiting this place for the first time and close to the lunch time, so the situation quite full and need to wait for couple minutes. But it’s worth it since the service was so nice and the taste was great. Payment can be made by Cashless. …

Nice food and friendly treatment

Varieties of minang delicasies to choose. Parking space a bit hassle to find. Affordable price. Area quite packed with people.

Daftar Menu



Nasi + Ayam + Sayur + Sambal 29.700
Nasi + Rendang + Sayur + Sambal 30.800
Nasi + Ayam + Rendang + Sayur + Sambal 50.600
Nasi + Ayam + Otak Atau Paru + Sayur + Sambal 49.500
Nasi + Ayam + Udang + Sayur 40.700
Nasi + Ayam + Udang + Sayur 40.700
Nasi + Ati + Paru + Sayur + Sambal 40.700
Nasi + Ayam + Ikan Gulai + Sayur + Sambal 49.500
Nasi + Rendang + Ikan Gulai + Sayur 50.600