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Seblak Kang Cepot – Villa Bintaro

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jalan Kaliurang Km. 8,5 No.46, Sinduharjo, Ngaglik, Sinduharjo, Ngaglik, Tambakan, Sinduharjo, Kec. Ngaglik, Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55581, Indonesia



Rp13.000 – Rp18.000

Jam Buka
Sabtu 9AM–10PM
Minggu 9AM–10PM
Senin 9AM–10PM
Selasa 9AM–10PM
Rabu 9AM–10PM
Kamis 9AM–10PM
Jumat 9AM–10PM

Jam Sibuk 21:00, 14:00, 15:00


I didn’t expect that the taste would be very good. There are some variants of dumpling: chicken, meat, mackerel with tofu, cabbage, and bitter melon as the complementary. The place is not really good, you will feel the hot air.

The place is simple. But the food is good. There’s some options for siomay. From the cheap one to the more expensive. But it still affordable. I like eating here. You can asking your siomay to be fried in there.

They have every menu about somay. The taste was good, but for me its not too great. Ya, the taste was normal I mean its not bad.

The place is so strategic, with a large parking area. The price little bit expensive. But its comparable with they food quality.

Curiosity brought us here.
In my honest opinion, this place a bit overrated.
Above all type of somay. Somay tenggiri murni was the one which had normal taste of somay. Other than contains a 85% flour. Made it very hard to chew.
Peanut sauce was very watery and tasteless.
You have to put more sweet soy sauce even only sweet soy sauce can be your only spice.
What’s good in here for spicy lovers. When we asked spicy, they did make it spicy.

Advise: If you want to try this, just order number 1.

Consistant taste, the price goes little pricy

Good food, e money payment are available

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Seblak Original 13.000
Seblak Telor 15.000
Seblak Bakso 15.000
Seblak Sosis 15.000
Seblak Bakso Sosis 16.000
Seblak Bakso Sosis 16.000
Seblak Kerongkong 16.000
Seblak Ceker 16.000
Seblak Special 18.000