Menu & Review Tasmania Burger Cafe – Pasirmulya – Bogor I

Tasmania Burger Cafe – Pasirmulya

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jl. Re. Abdullah No.15, Pasirmulya, Kec. Bogor Bar., Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16118, Indonesia



Rp4.000 – Rp35.000

Jam Buka
Senin 10AM–12AM
Selasa 10AM–12AM
Rabu 10AM–12AM
Kamis 10AM–12AM
Jumat 10AM–12AM
Sabtu 10AM–12AM
Minggu 10AM–12AM

Jam Sibuk 21:00, 20:00, 22:00


Good food and ambience to work or just hang around. Each table has electricity plug. First floor is smoked free and has television, I bet people enjoy some match and football games here. In the afternoon it is deserted. Some teenagers prefer more second floor to enjoy their meals and chitchat. Restroom is neat and clean. Will return.

Overall is good but the foods are really slowly to served, it take 40 minutes++

wide place at second floor (open space) with air cond at down stair.. nice ambient.. good food.. price its about standard to medium .. lot of variety. parking not to much space. good for couples, group or family. mostly for hanging…

Suprisingly has good service. The waiter and staff are polite. They keep the good work to make rhe place clean and neat. The menu are so varies, it took me 10 mins to decide what to order. From main courses, deserts, appetizer, coffees, …

Cheaper store for hang out with your friends.. cleans and tidy.. had visit more than once ????

Cozy Cafe in Town! And very good services

Daftar Menu



Cappucino + Muffin 25.000
Cappucino + Croissant 29.000
Black Coffee + Muffin 23.000
Black Tea + Muffin 23.000
Black Coffee + Croissant 27.000
Black Coffee + Croissant 27.000
Black Tea + Croissant 27.000
Indomie Goreng Chicken Crispy Sour & Cream With Cheese 22.500
Indomie Goreng Daging Sapi Bakar Bbq 18.500