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Tri Kopi – Kukusan

Lokasi dan Kontak

Jl. Buah Batu No.129, Cijagra, Kec. Lengkong, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40264, Indonesia



Rp7.000 – Rp26.000

Jam Buka
Selasa 8AM–7PM
Rabu 8AM–7PM
Kamis 8AM–7PM
Jumat Closed
Sabtu 8AM–7PM
Minggu 6AM–3PM
Senin 8AM–7PM

Jam Sibuk 18:00, 17:00, 16:00


When you are looking for good coffee, this is exactly the place to look for. Nice place to spend time with your buddy, talk about your future, sip some coffee, and have some great choice of snacks. Definitely one of the top hidden cafe in Bandung.

There is no table service in this place, since only a bunch of people handle all of the matters. But they are warm and responsive to our questions and talks.

They are in the middle of nowhere and doesn’t equipped with beautiful scenery. Still an amazing place to hangout, chill, and spend your midnight together with friends or love ones.

The best coffee in Bandung! A place to be for coffee lovers, there is a selection of fresh coffee everyday and you get to choose how the coffee will be brewed. Friendly staff is always there to assist and help to choose the coffee which you …


Perfect place to hang out. Chill air makes it perfect for a cup of hot coffee or chocolate. Love the refreshing ginger coffee and betel tea!

Amazing coffee! The first sip was nice, the rest was even better and better.

And for an modern coffee shop I think it’s quite cheap.

The only coffee shop in Bandung that emphasizes Sundanese culture, along with its traditional and authentic Sundanese coffee. Perfect place for chit chat with your friends and don’t forget to bring your jacket with you, it’s quite cold here.

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Sugus Suges 26.000
Trikopi Bojo 26.000
Tri Coffee 26.000
Irish Coffee 26.000
Tri Aren 26.000
Tri Aren 26.000
Tri Coffee Jelly 26.000
Coffee Beer 26.000
Cappucino 24.000